"a Lantern Cage Drilling Indexer" -in baltic birch plywood, acrylic, aluminum t-track, assorted metal fittings

This is the most recent iteration of my Horizontal Dividing Head, which is used mounted upon a drill press. The vertical arms have been rebuilt to be stiffer, and indexing plates have been machined for specific applications. The indexing plates are easily switched out, and they have increased precision dramatically, as well as eleminated the chance for errors when working.

The part that is shown mounted within the fixture is a light cage for the Argus Pendant.

"a Horizontal Dividing Head " -in baltic birch plywood, aluminum t-track, assorted metal fittings

This fixture was designed and fabricated to drill out the primary body tubes of the lights shown here. The fixture itself is used on a drillpress. The support arms are adustable to accomodate different length tubing. The sabot inserts are also interchangeable, to allow for different tubing diameters.

The dividing head itself is resettable, as the embedded 360 degree protractor floats within an adjustable locking mechanism. Also, the entire carriage slides within a mounting saddle, to index the columns of holes as they're bored.