"the Compound Table Apparatus with a Horizontal Drill Head Attachment" -in various metals

This is the second primary accessory that transforms a simple woodlathe into an Ornamental Lathe.

Essentially, I married a small benchtop Drillpress to my Compound Table. The Drillpress head can rotate around a pivot, allowing any drilling angle desired. A custom quill-stop collar was machined out of billet aluminum to replace the flimsy plastic original, allowing for the repeatability of precise depthing.

The motor is suspended upon a ceiling mounted jackshaft that enables the positioning of the motor above the lathe bed, the pulley chord directed along sheaves. The configuration of the motor mount utilizes the motor itself as a counterweight to introduce tension into the pulley system.


"the Compound Table Apparatus" -in various metals

These photos illustrate the travel stops affixed to the two ways. There are also custom cut rubber washers placed between the sets of knurled nuts, introducing preload into the locking system.

The third photo shows how a standard lantern-style metal lathe toolpost can be mounted for precision woodturning.

"the Compound Table Apparatus with a Router Attachment" -in various metals, baltic birch plywood

This accessory allows a small router to mount to the compound table, enabling the use of profiled router bits to inscribe patterns into turned surfaces.