"Assorted Jigs & Fixtures " -in various materials

Various tooling: shown are two expansion mandrels for the wood lathe, a tilting table for the drill press, a small rotary table for the drill press, and an adjustable circle jig for the 20" disc sander that can use 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" diameter pivots.


"a Hinge Slotter with integral vacuum clamping " -in baltic birch plywood, aluminum t-track, assorted metal fittings

This is a device for machining the slots in wooden box lids to take small barbed hinges. This setup was fabricated for a production run of several hundred small collectable marble boxes for a customer.

It is adjustable for slot placement, and has integrated vacuum clamping, as well as integral dust collection. The fixture attaches to my Incra fence on my Jessem Master Lift router table. The second photo shows the slotting blade mounted in the router table.


"a Few Indexing Fixtures for the Dual Hub Cryptex" -in baltic birch plywood, aluminum, assorted fittings

These various fixtures are used in the fabrication of parts for the Cryptex that I make. Shown are two different fixtures that do basically the same thing: index 26 divisions around the perimeter of cylindrical parts. One is for the router table, the aluminum one is for the milling machine. The apparatus is designed to have no backlash once the detent arm has been locked.

Of interest: the aluminum gear was machined mounted upon a milling machine, using a rotary table with dividing plates and sector arms .


"a Gear Face Disher" -in baltic birch plywood, aluminum t-track, assorted metal fittings

One of the projects I'm working on is a custom wooden skeleton clock. As such, the gears are made of shop made mahogany plywood as per the second photo.

I wanted to be able to dish, or hollow the front face of each gear to add some surface detail. This router fixture is designed to do this safely, and includes depth of the dish adjustability, as well as work stops for the inside and outside radii. A ball endmill is mounted in the router table, and the gear is placed face down upon the fixture and is rotated around a pivot pin. The pivot pin is mounted to a sliding arm that is captured between the two travel stops.

"an Adjustable Mandrel for the Spin Index" -in steel

This is a small mandrel designed to hold thin walled tubing in a Spin Index Fixture upon the milling machine. By machining new discs with appropriately sized tenons, various diameters and lengths of tubing can be securely held.

The bottom pic shows an example of parts created using this fixture.