"A Turned Vessel with inset Cabachon" -white oak burl, black walnut, brass, agate stone

This was made for my wife as a gift for Christmas of 2012.

All the wood pieces were turned on a wood lathe as per a scale shop spec I drew up. The large 3" diameter cabachon I slabbed off a large agate with a rock saw, and then ground free-hand on lapidary grinders and polishers. The brass bezel is a stack of 3 layers of material: each hand cut with a jewelers saw, hammered to shape, then silver soldered together. The myriad brass wood screws affix the bezel to the wood lid. The wood components were turned upon a wood lathe out of raw logs.

The cabachon can be viewed through the bottom of the lid, as well.


"Isaac's Dresser Valet " -Burled Black Walnut, Carob, brass, and velvet

This box was made as a gift for my brother. Again, an attempt to design with a masculine motif.

An interesting sidenote: the black walnut log was salvaged from an orchard, and after resawing on my large bandsaw, I realized it was harboring a termite colony! Microwaving each board for about 2 1/2 minutes will kill termites...

Due to the condition of the walnut (very porous, punky in small areas), it took some 15 coats of lacquer to build up a good film and solidify the surface. The hinges are Brusso.

The recesses within the top of the carob endblocks were routed with the aid of a purpose-made template. The coves machined into the outer ends were accomplished with a panel-raising bit in a router table: the radiused blocks had to be carefully rotated over the bit whilst staying on center point and referenced against the table fence.

"Paternal Box " -Bubinga and black Walnut with velvet

This box was made as a Christmas present for my parents in 2009, thus the name. It is made with baltic birch plywood skinned with bubinga veneer.

The edges are inset with black walnut, and the pieces for the birds mouth had to be steam bent into shape. The hinges are Brusso. The knob was turned on my wood lathe in walnut and mounted with a brass woodscrew. Final surface finish is lacquer.

"Triangular Box " -Redwood and Plum burl, brass with a velvet floor insert

This piece was an exercise in attempting to imbue wood with shapes typically found in cast metal.

The redwood body has no right angles other than within the storage cavity. The declivities within the lid and body were routed using bespoke patterns. The plum wood lid backside was machined upon a wood lathe.

"Triplets Dresser Valet " -Bastogne Walnut and Carob with brass and velvet

This is essentially a bandsaw box, so all the grain is seamless through all three compartments as the box began as one large block of walnut. The legs are from a thick block of carob, and shaping was accomplished with a bandsaw, the stopped grooves on a router table. The knurled knobs are held in place with brass machine screws, screwed into tapped holes. The counterbores for the knob details were bored on the drillpress- nothing fancy...

This piece reflected a desire to design a functional men's dresser top box that embodied an overriding masculine style.

"Marble Collection Boxes" -Black Walnut

This was a limited production run of two types of boxes for a customer who produced and sold high-end collectable glass marbles. The internal pockets received foam inserts.

These were fabricated utilizing a custom vacuum chucking jig for the overarm router.

"Lidslide Box " -Bastogne Walnut and Fidled Oak, brass and velvet

This is my first box that had any real significance to it. It marks the literal beginning of my journey within woodworking....