"a Self-Watering Plant Stand" -Acrylic, aluminum, rubber, various hardware

This was a commissioned prototype self watering plant stand. A lady came into my shop with literally a doodle upon a napkin. She tasked me with taking her idea and developing it into a feasible object, then to build a prototype.

The customer apparently took this prototype for review in the Shark Tank TV show. Beyond that, I don't know what happened to it. And yes, there are much simpler ways of watering a plant, many of them are already on the market, I tried to explain this to her, but she wanted the apparatus regardless....

Essentially, the two horizontal acrylic slabs can oscillate vertically, restrained by the sliding linkages. A rubber bladder is located between, and filled with water. A hose with attached valve exits the side of the bladder, allowing controlled water release. When a potted plant is place upon the apparatus, its own weight forces down the top acrylic plate, forcing out water from the rubber bladder through the hose.