"my Jobsite Tool Cart "

This was my biggest, heaviest, and most functional box I've made to date. It was designed with the intent to replace all of my field installation tool boxes and go-bags with one, all inclusive cart that would have every tool and supply that I would need to install finished projects, and still have the ability to roll from room to room.

The toolbox rolls upon two locking casters and a set of small bicycle tires. The hinged lid is surfaced with plastic laminate, I welded all the steel plate, inset aluminum angle stock into all the corners for strength, as well as machined the handle dowels out of white oak.

Unfortunately, once loaded up with gear, the cart ended up weighing an estimated 450 pounds... a little heavier than I had anticipated, but it worked great.

I built a steel platform that plugged into my work trucks receiver hitch, and the cart rolled up onto it with the aid of some aluminum ramps. The cart was anchored to it with a custom-built clevis lock and two heavy-duty turnbuckles. The brown colored lattice in front of the drawers was basically a steel locking door: an attempt to deter theft while my truck sat unattended in store parking lots.