"Antique Slot Machine Rebuild " -white oak, metal castings, glass, and brass

This was a commissioned piece for a slot machine collector. He had found a pile of rotting parts in an old barn for a slot machine made in the very early 1900's (the last photo in the stack). The request was to reuse the rusted castings, and replicate the carcass design and joinery as close as possible with new lumber. All the raised panels are mounted within cope and stick frames, and dimensionally matches the original parts.

I had the castings plated in copper at the patrons request, instead of the original nickel. The internal clockworks was missing, so I suggested we shorten the design to half the original height and make the front into a door: effectively repurposing the slot machine into a small storage hutch. As the original crank was missing, I made a new crank arm in brass with a turned wood knob that doubled as the door handle.