"the Nautilus Hood" -stained cherry, copper, industrial cast resin, glass, mica, various electronics

This was a commission for a gent in Sacramento, CA. He requested a custom hood for his kitchen stove in a nautical theme with inspiration derived from Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. After several design sketch iterations, this is what we arrived at. Other than the glass lenses and electrics, every single component is shop made.

The six flanges started as a single custom fabricated pattern in cherry wood, with a silicone matrix mold made for the requisite duplication needed. Each cast flange has a 3.5" glass magnifying lens back-lit with a mica sheet and low wattage lightbulb: thus providing that glorious orange glow. The central flange is also a casting from a custom made pattern and its mold, with the shop-made rotary knob the functional on/off switch for the internal flange lighting.

The carcass is stained cherry over a plywood internal box, panelled in copper sheet. The green patina is real, a result of various chemical applications.

The actual hood blower insert is a purchased commercial unit, and upon installation was coupled with the existing exhaust piping over the stove.