"the Great Wall that Kato and I made" -MDF particle board, cast plaster rivets, and a few metal odds 'n ends

This was an interesting project: a large wall 8' tall by 24' long capable of breaking down into transportable components, built quick and on a shoestring budget. The last photo in the stack was the thumbnail doodle I proposed that started the whole project.

Also of note, the Hesterion was designed and created to augment this project: I wanted some lighting to be integrated into the overall design.

The wall panels were cut from layers of MDF, the many hundreds of rivets were cast from plaster, and I integrated a few other found parts: namely two hubcaps and a couple of panel meters.

Kato and I built this in my shop, and painted it in the driveway. She wanted it for the background for the SteamGirls room at Seattle's 2014 Steamposium convention. After that event, it was to live at her home and function as a photography set background.