"the Osiris Thermal Siphon: a fireplace surround" - wood, various metals, isinglass, and assorted electronics

This commission was a bit of a challenge from a design perspective: as I recall, the client requested "one of my lamps, exploded onto a wall." He also specified he wanted it to divert heat away from an existing television, and to siphon off some of that heat and redirect it towards the adjacent seating area. He also requested a functional bellow.

Everything functions: the rotary knobs are the switches controlling the LED lights, the internal blower fans, and the slowly pumping bellow. The panel meter articulates with the primary power knob. The draped black cords provide power to the various electronics that require it; I had to run the cords externally as I had no way to penetrate the stone wall. Plus, the cords add a layer of scale that is beneficial design wise.

All of the flange bodies were fabricated in shop, and the bellow was slip-cast in black latex rubber from a hydrocal plaster mold taken from a large lathe-turned master pattern. The light bodies required some 2096 holes drilled upon a drill press. The entire apparatus bolts to the wall with only seven penetrations.

The delivery included 2400 miles (around 40 hours) of driving for essentially a six hour installation.

For questions about commissioning something similar to an Osiris Thermal Siphon, please contact me.