"the Katlyridae Pendants" - wood, metal, plastic, LED's

This is a project commissioned for a Mellow Mushroom Pizza restaurant, located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas. The customer was building a new Steampunk/Industrial themed establishment: I provided ten pieces total, five of which were these massive pendants.

Working closely with the architect, I proposed the above design for the entryway, which has 30' ceilings at the apex. The bottom image is a 3D model finalizing the design that I presented to the customer: it illustrates the view looking up from the entryway floor. This rendering demonstrated how the light body would be foreshortened from this perspective, and determined the final spacing and diameters of all the various flanges and rings.

The lights are 8.5' tall, and lit internally with LED's. Other than the various standard hardware (nuts, screws, knobs, etc.), every part is custom made: there are some 1200 parts total per pendant.

My wife and I drove the 2400 miles to Texas in a rented box truck to deliver and install everything. It was a 37 hour drive over 2.5 days one way...