"the Hesterion: a wall sconce" - industrial grade resin, assorted electronics

This is the Hesterion Wall Sconce.

These are intended to be installed in multiples, surrounding a window or running down a hallway or library, for example. They do not need an existing electrical junction box, but rather simply surface mount to a wall with two screws. Power can be provided within either standard, inexpensive conduit or plastic plumbing hardware, or with a simple cord drop from a hole out the bottom of the fixture: some minor customization is expected on the part of the installer.

The knob at the bottom of the fixture is the rotary On/Off switch.

The master pattern was entirely handmade in cherry wood, then molds were made for casting. A build diary of the construction process can be perused on my Facebook page.

If you purchase the "Unfinished" variant, you will receive a cleaned casting ready for paint. The color variants will be in rich, dark hues and include a black glaze with an acrylic clearcoat: custom colors are available if requested. The "Patinaed Bronze" finish is what is illustrated in the photos, and is a six step finishing process utilizing metal powder infused paints and alkyd glazes.

The electrical components included in the package are two UL listed light sockets, a rotary on/off switch, and two 40 watt Edison light bulbs. All power connections and any conduit installation will need to be made by the installer.

For questions about purchasing your own Hesterion Wall Sconce, please contact me for details, or go to my ETSY store.

Photos by Curtis Almquist Studios.