"the Chandrian Orrery " - steel, isinglass, glass, turned wood finials, and various electronics

This Orrery was a commissioned light fixture, made for a specific room in the clients new home. She had requested the construction of a chandelier made in the form of an orrery (a model of the solar system). I presented three design variants, and to my pleasure, she selected the most stylized, reflected in the above photos.

All parts are fabricated from mild steel rod, flat bar, or sheet metal. The rings are designed to look heavy, but in fact are very lightweight. The lamps themselves (representing the planets) are mounted within articulating gymbals, to allow for the placement of specific illumination. The integral turnbuckles are functional, and enable the truing of the lamp as it hangs during installation. The central double conical structure (representing the sun) splits in half upon removal of the bottom finial, to reveal access to the internal light bulbs.

Originally, a light ring was fabricated representing Mars, but it was eliminated due to size constraints: the ring was some four feet in diameter and deemed too large for the room.

For questions about commissioning your own Orrery Chandelier, or something like it, please contact me for details.