"the Braxtonian Lantern: a wall sconce " - mahogany wood, brass, glass, copper, isinglass, cast resin, and various electronics

This piece is named after my son Braxton.

This light fixture hangs on the wall, and the lantern cylinder is illuminated while slowly rotating. It was specifically made to hang above the fireplace in my library, and was designed to be viewed from a 3/4 angle (from where one is seated within the room).

The three layers of back plates are made from mahogany: the top layer is clear lacquer, the middle is ebonized, and the back layer is surfaced with a bronze metallizer and various color washes. The pulley on the lantern light cylinder is also made of mahogany, and is one of the more complex parts I fabricate. The round brass and mahogany knob at the top of the sculpture is the on/off switch.

For questions about purchasing your own Braxtonian Lantern, please contact me for details, or go to my ETSY store.

Photos by Curtis Almquist Studios.