"the Amperial Orrery" - cherry wood, steel, brass, isinglass, and assorted electronics

This was a commission designed specifically for a client's apartment in New York City: it is a derivation of the Chandrian Orrery found further down this page.

We could not penetrate the concrete floor nor ceiling, and the metal studded walls could not handle the bending loads without major reconstruction. So I contrived what is essentially a vertical twelve foot long compression rod with a six foot long swing arm. The central light head cone is spun brass sheet, accomplished over large wooden mandrels upon a large wood lathe. The orbital rings and articulated gymbals are made from flat cold rolled steel rod and sheet forms, inset with cherry wood veneer. The final surface finish on all the steel parts is a hand-buffed black lacquer. The exposed lights are classic Edison Bulbs with exposed filaments. The two control knobs switch the central light and the perimeter lights independently, and the volt meters function.

Again, every part excepting the panel meters, assorted fasteners, and electrics, were fabricated by hand in my shop.

For questions about commissioning your own Amperial Orrery Lamp or something similar, please contact me for details.

Photos by Matt Simmons Photo.