"my current basement Shop "

This is my current workspace, the 800 square foot basement of my current residence. It is limiting in space, as well as headroom as it only has 6'2" ceilings. After I gutted the space, I reinforced the above trusses to eliminate some of the bounce in the above floor, relocated the water heater, plumbing, ducting, and some electrical. Then I insulated the walls and ceiling, surfaced it all with OSB plywood, added some eleven light fixtures, ran a slew of power outlets, plumbed it for pneumatics and dust collection, then added leveling jacks to all the benches and tables to allow for the 4 inch pitch in the floor for drainage.

I pretty well have it maxed out for tooling, but it's cozy....

My garage has the 20" thickness planer, the 20" Oliver patternmakers lathe, welding table, benders, rollers, welder, torch set, big lumber storage, and assorted metal storage cabinets.

"my previous professional cabinet Shop "

This was the last shop incarnation of my business in California. It was a downsize from the below space: an attempt to bring down my overhead. It required a redesign of pretty much everything in terms of space usage, workflow, bench design, and tool layout. It also allowed for a larger showroom, that for some reason was always dusty...

"and the Shop before the above cabinet Shop "

This shop predates the above space, and was 2500 square feet. It functioned well, with lots of space in front of the racks for the fork lift.