"a Reel to Reel Recording Machine" -in paint grade lumber, assorted metal fittings and electronics

This prop was created for the indie film The Record Keeper.

The unit was made from scratch out of wood, with the only found objects being the nixie tubes and a few small assorted fittings. The various lights turn on, and the reels spin, all controlled with a simple switch box from off-camera.

The first photo shows the piece on set. The second to last photo in the stack shows the original prop for the pilot: a literal hot glued and spray painted broken recorder from the 1960's.

The last photo is a movie poster created using my Recorder prop as well as the logotype graphics I also created for the film.

"the SplinterCell: Extraction Goggles" -in epoxy putty, assorted metal fittings and electronics

These are a pair of Sonar Goggles commissioned for Big Puddle Films SplinterCell: Extraction film short, which can be viewed here.

This prop was sculpted in epoxy putty, and includes some wood, brass, and plastic pieces, and are modeled in the shop photos by my sexy wife, Katelyn. All electronics, including LEDs, ON/OFF switch, and batteries are within the head piece. The red color shift in the film was accomplished in post-production, as per request of the director.

Jason Satterlund, the director, gave me free license with the design: I went with a more traditional, military hardware look than is found in the video game. I felt it to be more authentic.

"Set Design and Gear for the Record Keeper films" -in pine lumber, and a hubcap

This is a 10 foot diameter gear that can slowly spin upon its hub axle. It sits within the rear wall of the main set for The Record Keeper. I also designed this set: concept drawings and a photo of the almost finished set are included in the photo stack at left.

The gear is made entirely of wood, and weighs an estimated 5-600 lbs. This is heavy for a film prop, but the wood materials were the much cheaper alternative than using urethane foam board. The gear comes apart into two pieces for transport and cartage.

The bottom photo shows its current home. I fabricated a steel pivot apparatus that bolts to the wall, allowing the gear to hang within the office of Jason Satterlund, the director of The Record Keeper project. The pedestal needed a riser block to elevate it into the proper location in front of the gear axle.

"Winn Schwartau's Goggles" -in cast industrial resin, glass, and leather

At the request of Mr. Shwartau, I fabricated these goggles for an outfit he was putting together. The design of the goggles are loosely based upon the provided illustration, with the requirements that the width match that of his eye spacing, the inclusion of a functional flashlight, as well as the integration of prescription 44mm colored glass lenses.

Every part was entirely machined within my shop, primarily upon my wood lathe utilizing my Direct Spindle Indexing apparatus in conjunction with the Horizontal Drill Head. Complex molds were then made for the final deliverable: these castings unified all the various subassemblies into their primary components, imparting great strength and design cohesiveness to the parts. The final five components could then be screwed together into the final goggle cup assembly.

Mac McGowan, of SteamBaby repute, designed and hand stitched all the flawless leatherwork: this included a hidden elastic band and a brass buckled strap integrated into the eyecups.

"a hand-held Microphone" -in assorted metal fittings, and a few turned fittings

Another prop for The Record Keeper. This is a handheld microphone used by one of the main characters. It was cobbled together with a few found objects, and a few custom fabricated parts.

"a Carrying Case for the Photonic Siphuncle" -in paint grade lumber, assorted metal and plastic fittings

Another prop for The Record Keeper. This is a military styled carrying case for the Photonic Siphuncle, which was also used as a hero prop in the film. It is intended to be carried by two people: one on either side of the case. With this in mind, the side handles are metal tubes bolted into hardwood for strength.

This piece was made entirely from scratch out of wood, with a few found fittings, namely the top and side disc plates and the 2 panel meters. The box lid unlatches and lifts off the bottom pedestal, revealing the Photonic Siphuncle within.

"the Felurian Emitter" -in a few found objects, and a bunch of made parts in wood

Another prop for The Record Keeper. This was used as a radio apparatus. It was cobbled together with a few found objects, and a few custom fabricated parts.